Doshi We Know

The “Doshi We Know” group, DWK in short, is a coming together of Prof. Doshi's past students, alumni of schools under CEPT, and other individuals who wish to take forward the immense legacy created by Doshi in the fields of education and societal concern.

The group is now a non-profit Trust and will continue activities that take forward the aims of the group. Prof. Doshi has consented to guide the group and its activities.

A brief history

To celebrate Professor Doshi’s 70th birthday in the year 1997 Snehal Shah and Muktirajsinhji Chauhan organised a celebration event at CEPT, Ahmedabad, when the ‘Doshi We Know’ group was formed to set up scholarship fund. The idea was first proposed by Vidyadhar Chavda and Suresh Patel joined by donating funds under the name DWK. Sunil Shah and others subsequently donated and many CEPT Alumnus Community contributed towards the fund.

Since it’s inception till 2012 DWK existed but needed a revival. Suresh Patel realised this and committed to reinvigorate the DWK Group and this resulted in more donations. Rajesh Shah offered his support and his office (VIKAS) became an operational base. Celebration of 50 years of School of Architecture also allowed further awareness of the DWK group.

DWK Group took a lead role in organising and planning Prof. Doshi’s 90th birthday in 2017 and the DWK Scholarship, a pan-India scholarship was announced at the celebration. A committee of six with input from Prof. Doshi has been working on the modality of the scholarship. This scholarship will be annual.

Future activities

An annual lecture series is being planned and will begin from 2019. Individuals who have been instrumental in bringing about change in their chosen field nationally or internationally will be invited to deliver the lecture.

Recognising the need for professional guidance of start up practices set up by recent graduates, a forum has been established called the "DWK HUB" for young professionals (architects, planners, urban designers and alike) to come together to discuss their work, methods, challenges and innovations. The DWK HUB that shall provide enough opportunities for peer to peer networks and learnings.